Jun 3, 2014

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Jul 4, 2012

Free Wedding Ebook

NEW FREEBIE:  Lillybeth has created a FREE WEDDING RESOURCE for brides and couples planning their wedding day.  To help make your wedding unforgettable, visit the website to download the free ebook:

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May 29, 2012

500 Facebook Likers Giveaway

Want to win your 'beautiful education' for free?  In celebration of reaching 500 'likes' on facebook I'm giving away my most essential service as a prize! 

The randomly drawn winner will receive a Full, Private Makeup Consultation with me (Lillybeth), worth $197.  And the winner's consultation will include customised advice on how to best incorporate purple, the Lillybeth colour, into their makeup!

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Apr 12, 2012

As Pretty As A Picture?

Using images like this for makeup inspiration is common, but... 
A recent bride-to-be wrote this in an email after we met for a makeup trial-run:  
You do a great job, and I love what you do, but I really didn't feel comfortable with it, and as it's a daytime wedding I'd like something lighter and more natural.  Had a look through your portfolio and this is more along what I'd prefer...(Proceeds to email through photos from my portfolio of brides wearing darker makeup than I applied on her) 
My reply:   
You'll be interested to know the makeup on these ladies was - in person - slightly darker/more than the makeup we did in your trial.  This is the beauty of good photography!  And makeup looks softer and more natural on camera, partly because we're not looking as close-up as you would have been at your own photos.  If we took a photo of your after your trial like these photos, you might look the same - all creamy and natural and gorgeous.  (I proceed to explain how the makeup can be lightened for her...)
Bride's response:   
Ahaha.  Isn't it funny how we never think we look as good as somebody else...

For 95% of my bridal makeup booking, I meet the bride-to-be before her wedding day (often months in advance) for a chat and trial-run of the planned or proposed makeup look.

We discuss what makeup style she wants for her wedding, any ideas she has and what she wishes to avoid (naturally, the answer usually involves the mention of caked-on makeup and looking over-the-top).  And working around those guidelines, I tailor a look around what I think will best suit her hair/eye/skin colours, personality, planned outfit and theme or occasion.

About half my trial-run customers meet me for their trial-run with pictures in hand (or in notebook or iPad) of what they'd like their makeup to look like.  Usually the images have been found on the internet (as above) or taken from my own portfolio (honoured!).  But after the trial-run, some customers aren't comfortable with what they see in the mirror, or don't think they look quite as amazing as the pictures they've shown me.

Smokey eye inspiration board (Photo credits here)
The most obvious reason (that they don't have the same features as the models or celebrities in the photos) aside, my customers are afraid the makeup looks too obvious or think they appear 'too made up'.  This is sometimes the case even if I've taken care to ensure it looks natural, as they've requested.

Why, if they love what they've seen of my previous work, is their makeup any different?

The answer?  It's not.

My style of application is pretty methodical and consistent.  But even if I were to replicate a specific bridal look from my portfolio on a customer who thinks she wants the same makeup design, it might still look different in person.  I have done this a couple of times at a bride's request - used my notes and face charts from a previous bride to create the same look on a current customer (I have three years' worth of real-bride face charts)...but it usually still looks different to the picture.  Why?

I've deduced two main reasons for why a bride might be initially disappointed with her trial-run results, when comparing her makeup to that in a photo.  The image below hints at the first possible reason.

Now, I work hard to ensure all my brides look freakin' amazing in real life, but nothing can compete with the perfection and polish that professional lighting, photography and post-processing lends to a face.

 Most of the photos in my portfolio were taken by professional photographers, so most have been 'processed' to some degree.  Perhaps the model or bride in the photo, in person in finished makeup, didn't look quite as flawless as her photos either.
"Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford." - Cindy Crawford 
But there's another reason a customer might not look as pretty as the photos from which we've taken our inspiration:  Most photos are not taken as close as what my customer is to the mirror!

When you have your makeup applied by someone else, if your first instinct is to zoom up to the mirror to be confronted by the fine (or deep) lines around your eyes, then most likely you're not going to like what you see.

When finished applying the trial makeup, I suggest my customer stands back to see the overall 'look' we've created.  Is it glamourous enough?  Is it the 'feel' she wants?  If not sure, does she think it'll grow on her and could she end up loving it?  Then I suggest she 'zooms in' to check if anything needs 'tweaking.'  Is she confident the foundation is smooth and evenly blended?  Are the eyebrows shaped how she prefers?  Does the lipstick follow her natural lipline?

If I were to apply your makeup and have you look closely in the mirror, you too might notice tiny flaws you'd never before seen...but simply because you don't look at your face that closely under everyday circumstances.

When checking out your makeup (whether professionally or self-applied), give yourself and your inspiration photo the same playing field:  Position your face in the mirror so its a similar size to how the subject of your inspiration photo looks on paper (or on screen).  Walk closer or farther away from your reflection to achieve this, just as an experiment.

Give yourself some grace.  We all know how photoshop has changed the advertising world and what we see in commercials and magazines.  Most bridal makeup photos are no exception.  Finished, professional photos often differ to what's achievable in real life, whether it's an ad using a model or a real bride's professional photo.

Real bride Natalie Jacobs.  Makeup by Lillybeth, February 2012
Remember this when working with your makeup artist (or doing it yourself) to achieve your desired bridal look.  Acknowledge that how your makeup looks in person may differ from how it appears in the photos and it's true - you do need stronger makeup if you want it to show up on camera.  By making these small concessions and compromises between what looks good in real life and what looks amazing on camera, you'll enjoy your bridal makeup experience so much more.   And rest assured, with an on-to-it photographer, you *will* look as pretty as a picture.

Dec 6, 2011

Left Your Search for a Makeup Artist Too Late?

Makeup by Kym Tapsell for bride Ihipera Ulu of Auckland, for her Mount Maunganui wedding (November 2011)

Now you don't have to stress if Lillybeth's already booked on your wedding date! Due to growing demand for dedicated bridal makeup with easy booking and communication, Lillybeth now has two approved makeup artists working under the 'Lillybeth' brand.  That means even if Lillybeth herself if already booked or unavailable on your date, you can enjoy the talents of one of her team while still dealing with Lillybeth for all your beauty-related communication.

Introducing makeup artists Julie Eagle and Kym Tapsell:

Julie uses Wendy Hill brand makeup and has a background in beauty therapy. She trained in Auckland with Joyce Blok natural skin care. Kym trained in Sydney, uses a variety of professional brands such as MAC and Kryolan and, until returning to freelancing with Lillybeth, tutored bridal makeup for four years at a high level.


ON JULIE: "I had my makeup trial this morning and am absolutely stoked with it! Julie did a fantastic job, I honestly couldn't be more thrilled. Thank you so much for all your help and expert advice while planning this, it has made organising this part of the day really easy and stress free. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family in the area (and I dont say that to everyone! Haha)"

ON KYM: "Kym was absolutely fantastic! Our make up lasted all day....even with the many tears of joy that flowed! The day couldn't have been better and we all had such a blast. :-) Thank you so much for all your assistance in making the whole process so easy and to Kym for her cheerfulness and amazing talent."

Both Julie and Kym are available to book through Lillybeth now if your date with Lillybeth has already gone. To check Lillybeth's availability, use the booking form on the website.

P.S.  Request a copy of '7 Steps To a Stress-Free Wedding' on CD.  When you successfully book your wedding makeup with Lillybeth or one of her team, Lillybeth will post it out to you on CD, no charge.